Our Team

Big Creek Apartments' Team Looks Forward to Serving You!

The Big Creek Apartments team is dedicated to providing quality service to all of our tenants. We invite you to meet the Big Creek Apartments Team: David Tickle and Kilborn Wilkinson.


big creek apartments Maintenance Supervisor

David Tickle is the Maintenance Supervisor for Big Creek Apartments. David has been the Maintenance Supervisor since the original construction of Big Creek Apartments. David has extensive experience in commercial and residential maintenance. David is licensed as an HVAC and Plumbing Specialist. Prior to assuming the responsibility of Maintenance Supervisor of Big Creek Apartments, David worked as Maintenance Supervisor for the Millington Naval Hospital. Whenever you have a maintenance need, you know you can count on David.

Kilborn Wilkinson is the contracted Groundskeeper at Big Creek Apartments. Kilborn works hard to make sure the Big Creek Apartment’s grounds are clean and free of trash. Kilborn also keeps the pool clean and the chemicals at the correct level to provide Big Creek residents with a safe and refreshing swimming experience. Next time you receive a compliment about what a great place you live, thank Kilborn for the super job he does.

If you have rental questions or maintenance issues, please contact the office (901)358-7844.